Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Quiet Book: Page Ten (Last One)

This my friends is the last page I made in my quiet book. It was a fun one, and probably involved the most creativity/the one I made up the most.

I made the head and facial features out of felt like the rest of the pages. The neck/face I zig-zagged on like usual. For the facial features I used a blanket stitch (which I did before the face got zig-zagged onto the page). 

The hair I made by cutting pieces of yarn. I attached it in three places (with my machine): the middle, and also off to the sides (so her hair wouldn't fall in her face.

I used a piece of ribbon that I stitched to one end of the page, and attached at the other end with the standard velcro protocol (fuzzy side on the page, scratchy side off the page). However, I wish I had done this one the other way around. When you are trying to get the hair elastics off, they stick to the velcro, and since the ribbon will always stay in place (it doesn't completely detach), I didn't need to worry about the scratchy side of the velcro being exposed.

Along with the hair elastics, I included a few clips as well (but ones that were fairly flat so that the book could still close well).

I even did her hair for her when I was done.

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