Tuesday, December 25, 2012

The Christmas Fruitcake

We have a Christmas tradition in my mom's extended family that I bet many of you don't have. We have a fruitcake that gets passed around from year to year (yes the same fruitcake). It started 11 years ago and has continued strong.

Each year it is given to someone in recognition of an accomplishment over the past year. It stays with them over the next year (sometimes in the freezer...sometimes under a bed...I would not suggest eating fruitcake offered to you by anyone in my family). It comes out again the next Christmas to continue on the tradition. Nobody knows they are receiving the fruitcake until they pick up one of their presents and it weighs significantly more than any of the rest of them. We also always include a note to the recipient of the fruitcake acknowledging their achievements.

Unfortunately we have not been able to get together as a complete family for the last few years. So I write this from over 600 kilometers away, knowing that with the magic of the internet we can connect with our family and continue with tradition.

So here it goes:


You are the newest owner of the coveted Fruitcake. Congrats on finishing school. We hear you're moving so you'll have plenty of space to store it over the next 365 days. Hope you're having a wonderful Christmas. All the best in the upcoming new year.


So, Merry Christmas everyone (especially my family), enjoy your day, and watch out for 11 year old fruitcake.