Thursday, April 11, 2013

Quiet Book: Page Seven

The next page I did was a flowers page. The focus of this page was the buttons.

For each flower I cut out two shapes out of the felt, and one out of the interfacing. I don't recall if I straight-stitched around the edges first, and then did the button hole, or did the button hole first. I do remember the button hole was a little tricky since there were multiple layers, and they would move around a bit.

I stitched the flower pot on before the stems, but if I were to do it again, I would do the stems first, or at least leave the top of the flower pot until after the stems, because then it would cover up the ends. I zig-zagged the flower pot on, and straight-stitched down the sides of the ribbon that I used for the stems.
The buttons I hand stitched on. I went through my button stash, and two other friends as well, to find buttons that were the same size, so the buttonholes could be all the same size, and it wouldn't matter which flower went where. After that I just had to button the flowers on to the page.


Jenna said...

Love it! I plan on making a quiet book myself this summer too. Do you use white felt as the base? And how do you connect all the pages together? And what is the point of using interfacing? So many questions haha sorry!

MrsV said...

Yay, questions! I am totally happy to answer any questions you have. That's one of the reasons I am doing these posts; so that other people who want to make a quiet book can do so.
My pages were made out of a pellon product (not quite sure which one...but I can show you). I did this because it had a little more structure to it than a sheet of felt. However, I did feel that is was a little fuzzier than I wanted it to be. If I were to to it again, I might put the pellon between two sheets of white felt, or I saw others who used cotton for their pages, I might consider that too.
I connected the pages like a binder. I put two holes in each page using the eyelet punch I used to do the shoe, and then I used book rings to go through all the holes. Eyelet punch $2. Book rings, a little more expensive, but I have extra. Want some? Your technique might change depending on how you choose to make the pages. I'll post a little more about the final putting it together process a little later.
I used the interfacing for stability. I used it anywhere the felt was going to be pulled at...where there was velcro or snaps, etc. and also for any pieces that weren't attached to the book, since they were going to be taking a bit more of a beating. I would use fusible interfacing if I were to do it again.
Hope that answers your questions. Let me know if you have anymore.
I have all my patterns I used for my pages. You are welcome to come take a look, or borrow them.