Sunday, April 14, 2013

Quiet Book: Page Nine

The next page I want to show you is my abacus page. Since I have a math degree, I felt I couldn't make a quiet book without including some sort of math. I chose to do a sort of abacus.

I used the thin green ribbon I had used on a few other pages, with pony beads strung on it, and then laid a thicker black ribbon across the ends, and stitched it down. Beside each of the "rungs" of the abacus I put the numbers with velcro attached.

Again I put the "fuzzy" side of the velcro on the page, and the "scratchy" side of the velcro on the piece that detached. I also made used two pieces of felt for each number. I sewed the velcro onto one (with interfacing on the other side, and I hand stitched the numbers to the other pieces. Then I stitched them together.

This was the only page where I repeated an attachment method. I had run out of methods and really wanted to do this page, plus my book needed another page, so I repeated, but I felt like it was different enough (matching numbers rather than colours). I also made the colours of the numbers alternate, so even if they weren't matching the numbers, they could do an a-b-a-b pattern.

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Myra said...

You're on a roll, Rachael. So refreshing to open your blog. xxx