Saturday, February 23, 2013

Ready for Winter

I finally finished the hat and mitts I decided to make myself in November.

I got the pattern free from It is called Lacy Leaf. They have the pattern listed twice. It is labelled as an easy pattern and calls for 1 ball of Redheart Super Soft. It is also labelled as an intermediate pattern and calls for 2 balls of Redheart Super Soft. Since it only took me one ball, and not too much assistance I would go with the first option (although the pattern information is exactly the same on both so it really doesn't matter). The pattern description calls it "Super Soft", but it's really just called "Soft". I used the seafoam colour.

The mitts have a cuff that matches the pattern in the hat. It called for 3 rounds of the pattern, but I don't like huge cuffs, so I only did 2. It also called for the mitt to be 7 inches before making the slit for the thumb. Because I shortened the cuff, I just held it up to my hand to decide when to make the thumb (I think it was about 4.5 inches).

The hat also tells you to start on a circular needle and then switch to double pointed needles. I tried that, but I don't think my circular needle was the right size (circumference wise) and I had some trouble, so I just used the double pointed needles the whole time, which worked out fine.

This was only my second non-flat knitting project, and overall I am very pleased with it. I have an extra skein of the yarn (I bought 2 just in case...since the patterns didn't agree) that I need to find a new project for. Oh yeah, and I'm all ready for winter now.

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