Sunday, February 17, 2013

I'm a Seamstress!

Well, it's official. I've made my first piece of clothing. Well real clothing. I previously made my husband some pajama pants, but since they involved about 3 straight seams and nothing else, I don't think they count.

I followed this tutorial from Sew Dang Cute. It was super easy (minus the fight I had with the zipper...and the iron...and running out of thread). The only part I did differently was to skip the tulle at the bottom (I'm really not a tulle person).

I bought the fabric at Jo-Anns. My mom made me do the wrinkle test before I bought it (which involves squeezing the fabric in your hand and letting go and seeing how wrinkly it is). There was a cute grey fabric I liked but it didn't pass the wrinkle test. I figured tan is a good choice...goes with a lot. It cost me less than $20. Wardrobe win!

I wouldn't say it fits like a glove (the waistband could use some help...and definitely needs a hook and eye), but for my first piece of clothing I am very happy with it. I wore it to church this morning (although bare legs and -11 are not a good combination), and plan to wear it on Wednesday when I am back in my office next.

That makes two projects I finished this weekend...I'm on a roll. I might even get back into this blogging thing.


Myra said...

Looks good Rachael although it looks a little uneven around the bottom - LOL. Good for you.

Becky said...

Looks lovely! Maybe someday I'll try making real clothes with my new sewing machine - then I'll know who to ask!

MrsV said...

I think you should start your foray into clothing with a simple yet adorable toddler's dress. (I'm going to keep bugging you til you do it).