Thursday, March 8, 2012

Quiet Book: Page Four

The next page I'm showcasing is the vegetable page. It doesn't really have a good name(as you can tell). I wanted a page with pockets of some sort. Originally I saw a page with two little beds, and dolls that tucked in and out of bed. That sparked my interest, but I wanted to do something different. I came up with the idea of having pockets, with things coming in and out of them. I decided on various fruits/vegetables. You'll see why with the next page.

This page was a little complicated. I don't know that I'm fully happy with how it turned out, but I will explain it to you anyways. Because the objects are made of felt, and I also made the pockets out of felt, things don't really slide in and out. Next time I would either line the pockets, or make them out of cotton or something else.

Again, I cut out two of each shape, and sewed them together to give a sturdier object. I  hand sewed them together because they were small and odd shapes and I don't trust myself with a sewing machine - not for work like that. Sometime I used embroidery thread and sometimes I used regular thread, it just depended on colours I needed. I got into a good rhythm of stitching. I only did half a stitch(an up or a down) at a time, as I needed to make sure it came out in the right spot on both sides. I would go around the shape twice. The first time I made regular stitches, and the second time I would fill in the gaps. (So where I had gone up, I would go down, and where I had gone down I would go up). I feel like I am not good at explaining it, and I didn't take any pictures, so you'll just have to guess. As I made each object I attached a ribbon to it, that I later attached to the page. I had some trouble with the stitching staying in the ribbon, so as you'll see I made it really ugly to make sure it would stay.  I always made sure to sandwich it in between the two layers, so to disguise the ugliness.

Of course, it couldn't just be a page with pockets. It had to be more than that, so each pocket has an increasing number of items in it.

One apple.

Two ears of corn.

Three carrots.

Four pea pods. (They're my favourite)

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