Friday, March 2, 2012

Quiet Book: Page 2

So, as I am starting to write this I realized that I don't remember the page order of my book. I reorganized all of the pictures and put them in folders, so your guess is as good as mine. I guess I will just make it up.

This page is an analog clock. I know this is something I struggled with as a child. It still gets me sometimes if I don't take enough time to think about it.

This was a fairly easy page to make as there weren't many steps involved.  I first decided how big I wanted the outer circle to be, and then decided how big I wanted the numbers to be, which then made my decision for how big the inner circle would be. I then got out my compass, made templates of the two circles and then cut them out. As with everything, I made a paper template, and then pinned it to the felt and cut it out. The colours I chose for the clock were mostly determined by which colours I had enough of.

I hand stitched each of the numbers on, and did not use any sort of template. I just eyeballed it for what the numbers looked like and how they were spaced. I ended up redoing the number three at least once, and there is some spacing that I'm not quite happy with, and some numbers that are a little crooked for my liking. I'm wasn't sure what I could do differently, but then I saw on futuregirl that she traces onto stabilizer, stitches and then carefully removes the stabilizer. Perhaps another time.

The hands took a couple attempts as well. At first I cut them out of felt and then attached them with a brad. I even remembered to attach them with the brad before I sewed the clock to the page! However, felt on felt is not a good idea. It does not rotate, which is kind of an important feature of the hands of the clock. I then tried putting washers between the layers in order to separate the felt, but it really didn't help much. Finally I dug through my recycling bin and pulled out the lid of a margarine dish (don't worry I washed it). I was worried that the edges might be too sharp, but I rounded all of the corners and it was fine. Plus they moved! All that was left was to zig-zag the clock to the page. Overall I was very happy with the page.

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