Monday, March 12, 2012

Quiet Book: Page 5

That takes us to the barn page. I think this one might be my favourite. It is so super cute. I can say that because this is the only page I used a template on.  I started with this template from homemandebyjill. I modified it slightly to suite my needs/likes, but I really have to give her credit.

The barn I cut out as one big shape. I then cut a T-shape in it to make the doors. I zig-zagged around the outside of the barn. I used brown ribbon to go around the roof, and felt for the window pieces. The ribbon I attached with a straight stitch, and made sure to zig-zag across the loose ends. I made the mistake of putting the white x's(that is a lot easier to say then to try and spell out) after the fact. It was difficult to maneuver and also to make sure I was stitching where I wanted to be. I don't remember what the white on the barn doors was. It came out of my stash. It was wider than I wanted, so I folded it in half and stitched it down before attaching it to the barn. Getting the corners to do what I wanted was a little difficult.

And you haven't even seen the best part yet....

...the occupants of the barn.

There's a chicken,
a pig, 
and a cow.
And they're finger puppets!!!!!!!!!
I grew up with felt finger puppets. I remember having the three little pigs and other fairy tales, so I was so excited when I found this template. I hand stitched on the extras(noses/beaks and spots) but machine stitched the outline with the extras(ears/comb) in between the two layers. I was super happy with how these turned out. They were the first machine stitching I did on the book. The eyes are made with french knots. I did not bother to use the template for the puppets. I traced around my hand for the general shape, and decided that all the other pieces were so small that I didn't bother. This time I made the pocket out of cotton. It definitely helps with getting the puppets in and out, but the back of the pocket is still pellon. I wish I had more to say, because I just want to keep talking about this page...that's how much I love it. Perhaps I will have to do some finger puppets just for fun.

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