Thursday, November 10, 2011


I have a confession to make. When I thought I was writing to the big wide world of the internet, I was excited to share my thoughts, ideas, and projects. I thought it would be an adventure. But now that I know that my mom, and my gramma read my blog...I'm a little intimidated. Apparently I have no problem sharing with complete strangers(let's be honest...I didn't actually picture anyone reading my blog), but with my family?...not so much.

One of my favourite crafty activities to do is to quilt. It is something I have mostly learned through observation. Both my mom and my gramma are quilters. My gramma produces quilts like nobody's business. She's always got at least two projects on the go. I've also seen my mom produce a number of quilts, although not nearly as many as my gramma. Between raising two kids, and working part-time or full-time, she squeezes quilting in when she has time, or for special occasions. Another way that I have been exposed to quilting, is through my church. There are a number of ladies that meet every Tuesday to quilt. When I was a child, my mother would take us and she would quilt while we would play. Even when I was in school, we would go and have lunch with everyone. Since I have become a "grown-up" I have gone to quilt whenever I have the chance. I have learned so much from the "quilting ladies" and have enjoyed their friendship and mentorship. All of that do say, I have never been explicitly taught most of what I know. I have learned by watching, and by getting oral instructions. Because of this I don't always feel comfortable about my abilities. I feel intimidated by the experience and the knowledge of those around me, and am very aware of my limited knowledge.

Now that we've had that nice moment, I just wanted to say that although I am working on a number of projects, they are all intended for gifts, and thus I do not want to reveal them online. I have been photographing some of the things I have already done, and will be posting those until after Christmas, when I can show you my current projects. I leave you with a picture of the beginning of my current project(I don't think it reveals to much) and the current state of my crafting dining room table.

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