Saturday, September 20, 2014


I thought I'd finally hook my camera up to my computer again and show you those projects I'm working on (or rather have been working on).

This first project (like my other Project Linus quilts so far) started out from these two shoe boxes full of squares. They used to be more organized than this, but they have had 3 quilts worth of digging to mess them up. This time I pulled out the stack of denim I had and the plaids and came up with this:

The other project I finished (though I shouldn't take much credit for it since it was mostly finished when it came to me) was a flannel scrap braided quilt.

I got it in this state: 

And made it into this:

I managed to get most of the seams lined up. However, with the number of biases I was working with, it may not lay exactly flat.

Now I just have to let my lovely quilter know they are ready.

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Myra said...

I like your shadings on the denim top.