Friday, September 19, 2014


We often talk about how many projects we have on the go at once. Right now I have two that are in the middle of being hand quilted, one I just finished piecing that needs a back so it can go off to be machine quilted, and one that is in the middle of being pieced. But what about projects that we've bought the fabric for and just haven't had time to start? Or what about the ones that have been percolating in our minds for a while, but we're just waiting for the right time or the right fabric to get started? Or how about that project you started years ago but it has since been relegated to the back of a closet somewhere and you've either completely given up on it or completely forgotten about it?

I've been thinking recently about some of those projects that are just a faint idea in my mind. Will they ever even see the light of day? Will some of them just forever remain projects in my mind? Will I start them, with the best of intentions, but never get around to finishing them?

A large portion of my fabric stash has come from people who are no longer sewing for whatever reason. It's my favourite way to obtain new material. But usually it's also a way to obtain other people's unfinished projects. The two quilt tops I'm working on right now are two such projects. And as I sit and work on things that other people have chosen and cut and sometimes even stitched, I wonder what their plans were for the project. Did they start it with someone specific in mind? How long ago did this project get started (sometimes you can tell based on fabric choices)? What were their intentions for the project? Have I put it together even remotely close to the original plan or vision? Would the original person like what I've done with their project?

I've mentioned this before, but one of the things I like to do with the partially finished projects I receive is to complete them (in my own way) and donate them to Project Linus. I like to think the starter of the project would be happy with how it was finished (regardless of their original intentions).

I don't really have a point to this post. Just a few early morning thoughts I wanted to share.

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Myra said...

So nice you are using these fabrics for a good purpose.